Real name: Arthur Friedkin Status: deceased Current Aliase: head ghost Aliases: physician/lobotomist Relatives: unknown Location: psychiatric hospital

Portrayed by: Arthur Corber

Dr. Friedkin was a doctor and physician in the infamous Collingwood psychiatric hopital.


Freidkin was know for performing experiments and lethal lobotomies on his mentally ill patients in the hospital, he was also responsible for merging the spirit world and the normal world together in the hospital by performing satanic rituals, black magic, and sacrifices in the hospital's basement along with his deadly experiments on his patients.

Death and afterlife:

Friedkin was murdered one day when some of his patients escaped from their rooms and stab him to death. However his ghost stayed in the hospital and now haunts it and still pergorms his lobotomies on his undead patients and unfortunate living individuals who are foolish enough to enter the hospital.

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